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Soon after leaving her fortune-hunting fiancee at the altar, she meets Francisco Contreras (Saul Lisazo), recent heir to his bankrupt father's winery.They decide to form a business partnership, which would not only save the Contreras family business, but also make Valeria independent of her unloving father.but too bad they compress the story from 170 episode if not mistaken become only 4dvd, for me its too short and too much important story been cut like the death of Lulu (valeria best friend), the death of Jorge (the brother) and more too mention.i hope for next time, amazon or whoever publish the dvd can consider not cutting too much, im sure we are dont mind to pay more if we can get what we are expected.gracias.I had to return the DVD because it was in such a terrible condition that I could not see it.

Among them are Don Chema and Francisco's young stepmother, Marcia (Catherine Siachoque), who become both lovers and allies as they conspire to take control of the Contreras ranch; also Roberto (Arap Bethke), Francisco's troubled son, and Belinda (Geraldine Bazan), Valeria's spoiled, capricious daughter, who believes she is her sister. In a beautiful valley where the most exquisite grapes are farmed, an intense and sizzling love story will flourish between Valeria San Roman, a beautiful woman with a strong character, which has given her the strength to face life's deceptions, and Francisco Contreras, renowned publisher, widower and a man of will.

A beautiful valley dotted with wineries and vineyards serves as the backdrop for this tale of love, hate, passion and intrigue.

Valeria San Roman (Gabriela Spanic) is strong, rebellious, and a constant thorn in the side of her father, Don Chema (Hector Suarez), an ambitious man who acquired his wealth through treachery.

Pero al comprarlo en Amazon, ese problema no lo tube, al contario, vino bien, los discos sanos, no estaban tan rayados y se ve el Final, por suerte, aunque el Disco 1 del Lado A y del Lado B, los ultimos 5 minutos se tranca, de ambas caras del Dvd, y el Disco 3, en el Final de la Telenovela, justo en la Escena Final se tranca tambien, hay veces que se ve con normalidad y otras en las que se tranca en ciertas partes la ultima escena, pero despues anda todo sin problemas.

I just tried to watch this DVD tonight and couldn't because the first DVD is damaged.

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