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Don’t bring out the life boats just yet, we haven’t lost hope for these two, but something has definitely took some of the wind out of this ship’s sails for a bit. The chemistry between Elijah and Gia is off the charts with hotness!

This week lessons from Elijah’s mentoring of Gia included teaching her to fight by relating it to music, something she knows very well.

Because we didn’t add a shipper doesn’t mean we favor any over the other. I currently live in Pennsylvania and have many passions in life.

So please take this into consideration when you’re sending negativity in comments or social media. I LOVE The Vampire Diaries and everything and anything related to The Vampire Diaries.

However, before we could catch our breath and the pair could surrender to the moment, Hayley interrupted and the moment passed.convinces Klaus and offers him the one thing he wants, he needs, someone to listen to his side of the story.In an attempt to prove to him there’s more to life than revenge, the pair share a slow dance.They have an intimate moment where the tension between them is almost tangible as they almost kiss, but Klaus disappears before she knows it.Later when finally finds him and rants about his behavior, she hugs him and Klaus appears stunned by her display of affection.

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A great example is when Elijah came searching for Klaus at the compound.

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