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I've had this game for almost two weeks now and I've completed it twice. Dominic DOES ask you on a date, because he didn't really say it. He will ask you when you get your 1000th costumer!!

But he ivites you to a dinner at his mansion after you get 100 costumers in your store! : D Okay everyone stop saying "when you get your 1000th custumer he does ask you on a date" No that's not how it goes!

And finally, I'm not sure how a mom could be mad about a fictional character in a video game dating another fictional character in the same game!

I tried saying no when he asked if I want a boutique and I kept saying it until I gave up, IDK why EVERYONE says that if you say "no" to own a boutique you get to talk to him then go on a date with him.*sigh*So really,unless there are other ways and or my DSi is broken,you can't date the hottie...-_-Well I heard that when he asks if you want a boutique you say no.

All I know is tha T he flirts with you and wants to take you home but doesnt and that he brings you a cake and a gift on your birthday.

After she gets all of her stamps, she says you can date Dominic Right at the start when Dominic askes you if you want to run a boutique, if you click the (ermm I'm not sure) button, he askes to take you to the park for a chat.

I will tell you if Godfrey says something like that again.

Syn Sophia has confirmed that you DO NOT ever go on a date with Dominic.

On April 17th, a new edition will be released which contains a raft of new features, the most interesting of which has to be the "Dream Boyfriend" mode.

In this new mode, you'll be able to create your own perfect date — complete with spiky hair, skinny jeans and non-threatening vacant expression — and spend some quality time with him in the land of your dreams.

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Anyone who says that you can is mistaken; this game is about fashion, not dating.

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