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His innovative motion to introduce the concept of a living wage to Regina inspired his successor Andrew Stevens, who will take up the Ward 3 mantle in the coming months.Also, if anyone would like to see Shawn Fraser change his name to Prawn Laser, please signal your support by tweeting “prawn” and/or “laser” to Trent Wotherspoon 700E 4400 4th Ave.The Cathedral Village Arts Festival celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2016.For a quarter of century, the little festival that could has been an annual celebration of culture and creativity in the heart of the city.It takes a lot of clowns and dancing poodles to make a circus.

Quick: what has two hands, ran successfully for Regina city council, and rhymes with “prawn laser? During his all-too-brief time as councillor for Ward 3, Fraser championed progressive causes and addressed issues such as poverty and homelessness.306-565-2444 Runners-up Carla Beck (2nd), Tina Beaudry-Mellor (3rd), Mark Docherty (4th), Warren Mc Call (5th).A veteran MLA representing the inner-city riding of Regina Rosemont, Wotherspoon became interim NDP leader following Cam Broten’s resignation last April./ Work Runners-up Farmers Market (2nd), Dog Park (3rd), Wheelhouse Cycle Club (4th). You’re already committing half of your waking hours to a soul-smushing office job, or maybe one of those gigs where you twirl a sign on a street corner. Bad Drivers Runners-up Construction (2nd), Pot Holes (3rd).Whatever it may be, you’re only doubling down on a bad deal by putting in effort on top of time. Get up from your desk and wander over to someone else’s cubicle. I was preparing a rant about bad drivers (and it would’ve been an expletive-filled doozy). So instead, I admit to you that I, Mc Duck, am one of the drivers you abhor. I don’t keep track of right-of-way, I just go when I feel I’ve waited long enough.

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