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Old Ebbitt Grill created a popular annual event known as the Oyster Riot in 1995. Ebbitt was located on the southeast corner of F Street NW and 14th Street NW in the city of Washington, D. In June 1798, William Crawford obtained title to four parcels of land on the southeast corner of 14th and F streets. Reed relocated to the District of Columbia from Westmoreland County, Virginia, purchased the two easternmost lots from Crawford, and between 18 built a double-wide, four-story, Federal-style building on the corner next to the Crawford homes. It was originally owned and built by David Burns (whose plantation had covered much of the downtown area that would be developed as Washington, D. Burns gave Farnham House to his daughter Marcia, who in turn sold it to William H. For many years prior to the construction of the Ebbitt House stables in the 1872, a large house known as Bull's Head stood at the rear of the hotel.The house marked the northeast corner of Murder Bay.

The 1427 F Street NW location was demolished in 1983 during redevelopment, and Old Ebbitt Grill moved into its current quarters at 675 15th Street NW.

The restaurant, called "cheerful and sunny" by the Washington Post, fronted onto 14th Street NW, was lit with crystal chandeliers, and could seat up to 225 people.

It was completely remodeled by Burch and Gibbs: guests dined at tables set with tablecloths imported from Scotland, using Haviland & Co.

What was known as the "New Ebbitt Café" opened in November 1910.

It was widely considered the most luxurious restaurant in the city when it opened.

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In 1926, after the restaurant became incorporated as a stand-alone business, it was known as both "Ebbitt's Grill" and "Old Ebbitt Grill".

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