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Rat Race also stars Dave Thomas, Kathy Najimy, Wayne Knight, Dean Cain, and Paul Rodriguez. I highly reccomend this movie and give it 500 stars and 200 thumbs up!

Who needs to work 15-hour days for a job that could be gone in a second? Vanessa now spends her days painting and doing some freelance marketing work.Another friend, Sara, who left her advertising job in which she managed a team of six people last October, makes a brave admission. Has all the work of our mother's generation, who fought for a woman's right to have keys to the boardroom, gone to waste? But for many of us, it's time to find a new path, a way of putting work back in its rightful place - just one part of a multi-faceted life.'Looking back, I don't think I was ever really ambitious; I just got carried along with the social pressure of being seen to do well,' she says. As Kasey Edwards, who now works a three-day week, says: 'I had a dysfunctional relationship with work.She speaks to several psychotherapists who are seeing as many people in the midst of thirtysomething burnout as they do those with mid-life crises.She explains: 'All through your teens and 20s you're working towards something, and there's this sense of delayed gratification: "I'll work hard now and I'll get into university and I'll work at uni and I'll get a job and I'll work at this job and get a better job." And you get to your 30s and you go: "Where's the pay-off? The word "senior" was emblazoned on my business card, my passport was full of stamps and I had a designer wardrobe and matching appliances.

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A silly, unrealistic movie that is absolutely content to be what it is.

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