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They dig their heels in and that’s just terrible to me.I’ve voted for Republicans and Democrats, but this year, I see this political revolution that’s started and I love it.I think it started with Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump — that’s the one good thing about what he’s done this campaign.People see that we can change things, and it needs to be more transparent.It’s a little too late for this revolution to get the right people in office, but I think the only person who’s going to continue this revolution is Clinton in office.A lot of the things that I’d like to see change — money out of politics — that’ll never happen with this Republican nominee in office.All I can ask is that people have an open mind and get over those fears — gay people, too. Gay people are a fickle, fickle audience, but what’s fun about this show is half the gays are going to love to watch it because it’s just a good, dramatic reality show.And the others are going to watch it just because they wanna hate-watch it. The show is open about sexuality, will it also openly show as much sex as Logo permits? People still, even in our community, get weirded out about holding hands in public. I still have this weird wall sometimes when I grab my husband’s hand, like It’s something you’ve grown up with.

I’m obsessed with television and some of my favorite shows are Do you know how they chose Robert for Prince Charming?They said a friend of a friend suggested him, I think.Casting a first season is always hard because no one knows what the show is. I think Logo had a lot to live up to with this first season, and they didn’t want to exclude anyone.Almost immediately, the suitors are self-stereotyping and clashing with each other. You see this in the house where the ones that would be offended by a more femme guy, it’s like, “Why ?For one, you never know if one or more of the suitors might fall in love with each other in the house.

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