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The troop members are Gretchen, Milly, Ginger, Katie, Holly, and Adyson, with which she is considered not only a leader, but a great friend.

She frequently participates in Phineas and Ferb's projects, usually assisting in spreading the word, construction, and maintaining order. A., much like the Flynn-Fletcher family platypus, Perry.She became a very busy teen with various extracurricular activities at the school, and she's working part-time at her mother's restaurant, Nosh Olé Mexican-Jewish Café.After high school, she was accepted into Tri-State State College and planned to start attending two weeks early for her multiple extracurriculars.Isabella Garcia-Shapiro was born to a Jewish-Mexican mother Vivian Garcia-Shapiro and an unnamed father.At some point in her life, (possibly when she was a toddler, as she is seen going to their backyard as a toddler in Act Your Age,) she met and became friends with two boys her age who lived across the street from her, Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher.

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As a preschooler, she wore a similar white T-shirt under a pink dress with chest pocket, purple flats with pink laces, and had her hair down in two pigtails with purple bows.

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