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To be honest I had never heard of any of the other speakers before, but I liked every one of them, and each of them taught me something that I know is going to make my current relationship better. That being said, it’s not all a bunch of conceptual stuff.

Being with the wrong person makes your day-to-day life suck.Obviously I can’t even barely begin to go over everything that you will learn in this program, considering that it is over 25 hours long. The course starts off by reviewing all of the basic “how to attract women” stuff that you need to know to get started, so if you are new to this kind of material you will be brought up to speed fast.Then from there David alternates between teaching from the stage, engaging in Q & A sessions with attendees and introducing the stellar line-up of speakers that he assembled. His insights on love are the kind of thing I’m going to be thinking about, and processing daily for a long time, it’s deep stuff!He’s got programs on Inner Game, programs on meeting women in bars and clubs, a course on Cocky Comedy, a course on body language, a course on sexual communication and so on and so forth.And while he does already have a program or two on “relationships”, this new Love: The Final Chapter program is by far his most in-depth and mind-blowing work.

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