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"Well, now it makes perfect sense, because each personality has a different interest.There was also a very sweet, lovable [personality]. "I think the online dating business has to be looking at this announcement and saying this could either be the best thing ever for us, or it could be the beginning of the end," Slater says.If members of existing dating sites are successful in finding matches through Facebook, it could cut into their business. currently uses online dating sites — a number that has been relatively flat in recent years.That's why it was so striking to see Facebook tease a feature clearly intended for dating during the company's big press event on Tuesday for Graph Search, a new search engine that lets members use natural language to pull up recommendations for people, places and businesses from their social graph.Facebook reps demonstrated several uses for the product, ranging from recruiting to searching for restaurant recommendations.If the name you search for is in quotes, and there's a middle name or initial, it needs to be included in the search, or it will be excluded from any search results you receive.If Internet Explorer's Cross Site Scripting Filter blocks your search results, go back to the "People" page, and click the link to this page again, then try your search again.

Even before Facebook made its big announcement, Slater says he noticed that a growing number of non-dating platforms are being used for dating purposes, from match-making apps on Spotify to social discovery tools like Highlight.

If you want to find single women under the age of 35 who are from your hometown and now live in New York, you can type exactly that into the search engine and see what pops up.

At first blush, it might seem obvious that Facebook could be used for dating purposes.

That said, several startups have tried in recent years to leverage Facebook's social graph for dating, but with only mixed success.

Kingfish Labs raised 0,000 in early 2012 to use Facebook for dating, but its first Facebook application, Yoke, struggled to take off and the company itself was later acquired by Buzz Feed.

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Meanwhile, he says some dating websites are starting to re-brand a bit by taking the "pink hearts" off their homepage with the goal of being a little more welcoming to those who might previously have been put off by the idea of online dating.

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