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In the Tennessee image I interpret 3 orbs in the heavens on the Freemason First Degree Tracing board as stars (sourced from the original historical first document on record at the Bradford university - ref follows).

Traditional Freemasons will say the traditional interpretation of it as Sun and Moon.

It is with Sol invictus 25th December when sky matches ground and it was used as a day of ancient Sun veneration celebration. Remove Sun and moon as an experiment to see what is left (because scientists have learned all about both sun and Moon), and all you have left in the sky are stars. Once the history came to light over the last century it seems scholars have intentionally published interpretations that are completety erroneous.

Note the Freemason references in green font to 'seven STARS' and the Blazing STAR. Thus the secret, one that would unite all humanity as one sacred bloodline has always been hidden by the elite through the ages who did not see it firstly acceptable that all humanity are the chosen race and secondly do not see it profitable for all society to be at peace.

Secrets that have actually been forgotton by historical secret society up until today.The importance of this Papyrus however is as follows: The sacred feminine is touching with her toes on the ground with the leg of the bull constellation of seven stars... Her cosmic address shown more in detail in the Hebrew interpretation below as in the Solomon Key pictogram.The Pleiades symbol is next to the Sphinx, where Ra landed in his celestial ship. of the Pleiades and the celestial ship landing on the Sphinx.(There were 3 pillars and the three orbs in the sky, leaving one pillar left on the ground for the Blazing star correlation seen in the image below). like the very same Washington Monument which coincidently also has the same circumpunct RA SYMBOL MARKING ON THE GROUND like the historical Freemason tracing board!But the historical Freemason document ref with this little experiment removing common Sun and Moon references, clearly reveals the star secret! The orientation of both seven stars and Blazing star fits the orientation of the Pleiades and sun-like star over the eastern horizon in Washington DC on 25th December. The ladder represents the 33 steps or degrees in Freemasonry which coincidently is the same degree measurement by astronomers from the rising sacred cross of Orion's belt, which is coincidently also the same measure in the Testament of Solomon text of 33 units of cosmic measure to an important star. The circumpunct Ra symbol in the document at the bottom of the ladder is found as a RA SYMBOL MARKING ON THE GROUND, which can only be referring to the title of the Blazing star. The pillar on the ground representing the star above in the tradition "As above so below" is a pillar... ref This website explores the work of my book The Hidden Records, and my controversial research into lost knowledge that I believe has always been hidden.

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It has three stars in correct orientation to the three Sun-like stars in the sky and the monument itself as recognised by Author William Henry looks like Stonehenge...

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